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Introducing Myself: Husband. Dad. Amateur Grill Master. Lover of Tasty Food

August 5, 2016 | Ryan Yeager


Ryan Yeager, Blog, Main Entree blogThis is my first blog post (ever!) so I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Ryan Yeager and I am writing on behalf of Main Entrée as one of the co-founders. I have spent my life selling food to restaurants as a part of Schiff’s Food Service, Inc. Main Entrée is giving me the opportunity to bring high-end, restaurant quality, center of the plate proteins to homes across America.

This blog will bring to you different ideas and points of view  from some of the people that make up Main Entrée. We have a few celebrity chefs working with us that come up with amazing recipes that we will share. Our Meat Specialist, Bill, will be sharing some cooking tips, but more importantly, teaching us more than we ever thought we wanted to know about meat. I’ll also be featuring some recipes from friends and customers that have done some pretty innovative things with Main Entrée proteins.

Last but not least, you’ll be hearing from me. I’m not a chef, so some of the recipes that I will be bringing to you will be very simple, but when you have a great product to work with, sometimes simple is all you need. I lead a very busy life raising four young children with my wife, so dinner can get a little crazy trying to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

I like to experiment with different items that I have in my refrigerator or pantry while I’m cooking, but to be honest, it doesn’t always turn out the way I planned. My favorite tool is my grill and I try to find ways to cook the entire meal on it. In fact, you can usually find me huddled under our patio cover in the winter with my snow boots on, just so I can grill! It also allows me the ability to get the whole meal cooking at the same time, instead of eating vegetables while everything else is still cooking (which seems to happen a lot when I’m making dinner).

Main Entrée is very much the next step in a family oriented business. That’s how it has always been for me growing up, and that’s what makes doing this so much fun.

I look forward to sharing some of my meals with you.

Eat together!


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