4 simple ways to enhance your Super Bowl party

January 11, 2016 | Nick Gelso


The holiday bustle has ended and our focus has shifted to tailgate parties, Super Sunday man-cave gatherings and, if you’re smart, Valentines Day gift-giving.

There’s certainly no-time for party planning burnout. Right?

You’re not alone; we are all tired of entertaining friends with unique cocktails and dinner items. Has your ocean of distinguishing ideas that make your party a bit more memorable run dry? Even Martha Stewart’s vault has become bland. Worst of all, just when you thought it was over, party planning season is just cranking back up.

It’s hard to fathom that Awards Season is here. Downton Abbey party requests are piling up. The Superbowl and Valentines Day are less than a month away. The life of a socialite can be oh-so-hard…

The Main Entrée blog has you covered. Today we are focusing on fluffing up your Super Bowl party. Tired of hoagies, meat and cheese platters or chicken wings?

Hold on to your tailgate; here’s four simple solutions that will make your football festivities more memorable while keeping your stress meter down.


Buffalo Shrimp Skewers:

ShrimpSkewersChicken Wings are fine. They are a sports bar standard that will never leave us. The local pub can supply a bucket that will keep the picky palate satisfied. For the not-so-picky party people, why not live a little? The boys may hover over the bucket of soggy, take-out wings but the lovely ladies and sophisticated men will salivate over your elegant twist on a sports bar staple. Best part yet? Buffalo Shrimp Skewers are simple and won’t break the bank. Simply purchase Main Entrée jumbo shrimp, peel open the bag, defrost and skewer them up.  Main Entrée makes it simple by offering you shrimp already peeled and deveined. Throw some slivered celery on top for a tasty confetti garnish.

Check out full recipe here.

Hearty Beef Sliders:

BeefSlidersPepperCornSauceThe standard hoagie platter is fine but if you want to make memories (even if your team loses the big game), then why not beef it up a bit? Main Entrée offers filet style sirloin steaks that will make an impression that rivals a touchdown. Main Entrée butchers cut our Sirloin steaks into a filet style for the perfect dining room table presentation. For today’s purposes, cut the sirloins into bite-size medallions,  perfectly sized to stuff inside a crunchy slider roll. Filet Mignon is the perfect Sunday dinner delight but for a sports party, sirloins prove to be more affordable, versatile and are packed with robust, natural flavors. Sometimes the heartiest of eaters require more to complete their memory. Why not add a silky peppercorn sauce or a spicy horseradish mayo?

Start Impressing with Main Entrée Sirloin Steaks

Chicken Caesar Bruschetta:


Continuing our trend of sophisticated yet simple, the Chicken Caesar Bruschetta is a perfect addition to your Super Buffet on game-day. This small bite will impress your guests while not breaking the bank nor monopolizing your day with laboring in the kitchen. Grilling the chicken, toasting the peasant bread and arranging your platter takes up all of 20 minutes of your time, and can be done while your shrimp skewers are marinating. To be prepared before the coin toss, you can even substitute homemade Caesar dressing with your favorite store bought (just make sure it’s creamy). Chicken Caesar bites bring elegance to your party buffet while not requiring any risks to be taken by your pickier guests- who doesn’t love Caesar Salad?

Check out full recipe here

Gourmet Seafood Cake

SeafoodCakeThis gourmet will be the life of the party. The Main Entrée seafood cake is bursting with your favorite shellfish. A lively meritage of scallops, crab, and shrimp will easily impress even the pickiest of guests. Hand-breaded and formed, these cakes have all the hallmarks of homemade. No need to worry about cooking that seafood either, our cakes are already cooked. Simply bake or pan sear until they’re heated all the way through. Sized at 3 ounces, the Main Entrée Seafood Cake is the perfect portion for your sports events. Whether their team wins the big game or not, your guests will leave your party with memories of the food over the football. Best part is, everyone will think you spent hours preparing it yourself- if you don’t tell, we won’t tell. Add a simple, smokey remulade dipping sauce to really spice things up.

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