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Valentine’s Day Recipe Series: Espresso Rubbed Filet Mignon

February 8, 2016 | Nick Gelso


In part 3 of the Main Entrée Valentine’s Day Recipe Series, celebrity chef, Barret Beyer, prepares a espresso rubbed Filet Mignon, accompanied by white chocolate risotto. This Valentine’s Day variation consists of robust espresso, chocolates, sweet cherries, served along side a buttery Main Entrée Filet Mignon.

Romantic? Very.



Chef Barret BeyerRecipe by: Chef Barret Beyer

Espresso Rubbed Filet Mignon atop White Chocolate Risotto


Risotto Directions:

In a medium pot bring to boil 1 quart Heavy Cream and 2 cups Water and add Risotto let boil and stir frequently for approx 20 minutes or until approx 80% cooked through. Strain Risotto and spread it onto a sheet pan to cool down. Set aside until Filet is finished cooking and resting.

Directions for Filet Mignon:

Preheat oven to 400º. In a spice grinder, add espresso beans, chili flake & Cajun seasoning- grind ingredients  until very fine and well incorporated. Apply rub to Steak, massaging into the meat. Put a medium pan on high heat. Once pan is hot add oil. Carefully place Filet Mignon in pan, give it a hard sear on all sides for approximately 1 ½ minutes (make sure your Filet sizzles when adding it to pan to achieve maximum sear).

Once Filet is seared on all sides put it on a sheet tray and in the oven. Once Steak is at desired temperature remove from oven and let it rest (please see notes at bottom for *Temperature Guidelines). Return the pan used for searing steak to stove top and deglaze the pan with Port Wine. Half your Cherries and remove the pits. Add cherries to pan sauce and let it reduce to 1/3 and set aside.

Place saute pan on medium-high heat, add desired amount of risotto and approximately ¼ Cup of heavy cream and let reduce (approx 5 min) consistently stirring so it doesn’t stick to pan. Once risotto is at desired texture add white chocolate slowly, small quanitities at a time until you have reached your desired taste.  

Once steak has rested fully (approx 5-6 minutes) cut it on a bias against the grain 1-2” thick. Bring the pan sauce to temperature. spoon risotto onto middle of plate and fan out your steak across bottom of risotto and spoon pan Sauce along bottom of Steak.





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