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A “Taste” of Main Entrée

November 2, 2016 | Ryan Yeager


Hello all!

Sorry for the delay in posts. I am happy to say we have been busy these past few weeks!

We recently had the opportunity to be a sponsor at the Philadelphia Taste Food & Wine Festival at the Valley Forge Casino. Being our first big show, it was quite the experience, and what I learned from the show has been truly invaluable. Those are some of the things I wanted to share with you today.

First, We have an absolutely amazing team.Main Entree, Philadelphia Taste 2016

We brought the whole group on the road for this show! A gentleman approached my wife and asked how it is we work with a large team at a show and actually manage to get along! The answer for us is simple: because every member of our team wants to be there. We don’t hire additional help just for shows. We all have been with this venture from day one, so we are all truly invested in sharing our passion for food with you.

We are more confident in standing behind our products than ever.

One my favorite parts of this show was getting to ask people for their feedback on the product. We are constantly tasting and testing recipes for ourselves, so of course we love them! In particular, we decided to bring a few more “adventurous” items for our consumers to try, including our Bell & Evans all natural duck breast, and our Chorizo sausage, made right in our own butcher shop. The feedback was incredible! It also helped to be able to get in front of a customer and talk about ways to make your proteins exciting (like turning our Chorizo into a taco filling, or adding some sweet blackberry jam to pair with our duck breast).

We are still learning- and we will always continue to learn.

This was our first “big” show, and after night one, we were changing the layout. That flexibility to listen to each other and to our customer’s feedback gives us the ability to build on what we have and make it even better.

Ryan Yeager, Chef Kevin Des Chenes, Philadelphia Taste 2016As a bonus, we also made the decision to be a sponsor at Lancaster Taste Food & Wine Festival from Nov. 18-20th. Chef Kevin Des Chenes will be joining us in our booth again. You can also see Main Entrée Chef Barret Beyer at the show. He was also at Philadelphia Taste cooking up some Main Entrée Norwegian Salmon bites, and his own signature recipe for burgers with peanut butter and chocolate chips (Think that sounds weird? So did I, but wow, they are life-changing burgers).

Hoping to meet more new friends at the Lancaster show!

Stay tuned to see what’s ahead for Main Entrée!


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