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Main Entrée History

Hello, I’m Ryan Yeager and I’d like to tell you a little bit about us.

My story began in 1969, long before I was born.  Al Scheatzle, my grandfather, was a meat cutter for Schiff’s, a small local butcher shop located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Mr. Schiff, the company’s founder, decided to close his doors for good. My grandfather took a leap of faith and purchased the business he loved… and so the family business at Schiff’s began!

Main Entree History, Ryan Yeager, Mike Yeager, John HusoskyToday, my father, Mike Yeager, is walking in my grandfather’s footsteps as president of Schiff’s Food Service, Inc., which was formed in 1990 and focuses on foodservice distribution for restaurants. In 2001 my Dad joined forces with his business partner, John Husosky, and today we service all aspects of restaurant needs within Northern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the Southern tier of New York State.  Schiff’s Food Service (SFS) has been well known in the restaurant supply industry for decades. In particular, we continue to be a leader as meat specialists, with our own USDA inspected meat-cutting facility on site. Our center of the plate experts work hard to ensure the procurement of the highest quality meats and seafood available.

Main Entrée became the next logical step in our third generation family business. While growing up, my house was Main Entree History, Ryan Yeager, Mike Yeager, Bill Howell, Chef Barret Beyer, John Husoskyalways full of two things: the best food, and plenty of family. Dinners at home were always something special with my grandfather at the center of our meals. It is that passion for food and family that I am eager to bring to our new venture, Main Entrée.

I continue in the footsteps of my dad and grandfather, with a life centered on sharing a meal with family and friends. Often, my friends comment on how they wish they could have the same quality entrées at home for special occasions or family events. I am excited to share the opportunity to “go back to the butcher shop” that my grandfather started many years ago. Whether you’re giving Main Entrée as a gift, or preparing it for yourself, you can be sure that our products will bring the same level of integrity that our family business is known for.

Whether this is your first visit with Main Entrée, or you have a standing reservation, I thank you for being a part of this exciting chapter. I know it will be a tasty one.


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