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Chef Recipe: Buffalo Shrimp Skewers

January 11, 2016 | Nick Gelso


SophisticationSimplifiedThe Main Entrée Buffalo Shrimp Skewers are simple and won’t break the bank. Simply purchase Main Entrée jumbo shrimp, peel open the bag, defrost and skewer them up*.  Main Entréee makes it painless by offering you restaurant quality shrimp, already peeled and deveined.

Serves 10-12

approximately 20 minutes cooking time


For Marinade:

For Sauce:


Remove shrimp from your Main Entrée gift box. Place bag of Main Entrée shrimp on a plate and store in your refrigerator to defrost. Remove bamboo skewers from packaging, place in warm water and soak over-night.


In a large mixing bowl, add ketchup, hot sauce, vinegar and honey. Whisk until completely blended. Set to the side.


In a mixing bowl add the lemon juice and garlic. Slowly whisk in the EVOO to create an emulsified marinade. Set to the side.

Recipe Directions:

Once defrosted, place your shrimp in a large mixing bowl- sprinkle with salt and cracked pepper to taste (don’t go overboard with the salt- shrimp are naturally high in sodium). Start skewering the shrimp. Once all shrimp are skewered, place in deep baking pan and pour over the marinade, covering skewers completely. Let them marinate for an hour or two.

ShrimpSkewersAbout 20 minutes before your first guests arrive, preheat your grill to medium temperature. Once preheated, reduce grill to low heat and place your shrimp skewers on the grill with even space between each skewer. Brush the buffalo sauce on your shrimp, grilling and turning regularly. Sauce will caramelize to your shrimp. Because of the honey content, burning may occur. If you notice shrimp getting scorched a bit, lower the grill heat and/or move skewers to higher rack.

Once fully cooked, place your shrimp skewers on a serving tray (a large wooden cutting board makes a cool presentation). Sprinkle the Gorgonzola cheese and fresh parsley over the skewers and serve.


*don’t forget to soak your skewers over-night to avoid burning.


  1. Your Buffalo Shrimp skewers are the perfect compliment to a sports party in the “man-cave.” Your guests will be sure to go crazy over this sweet and spicy small bite. Because shrimp is so popular, it’s not a bad idea to only put half of your prepared portion out at a time. Save the other half in a low-heat oven. Replenish as needed.
  2. Get fancy: add lobster bites to this recipe. Same prep, same cooking time, same presentation- sophistication simplified start here.

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