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Cooking with a Kick: Recipes with Alcohol

June 5, 2018 | Main Entree


Beer, wine and spirits can be great accompaniments to a dish, but how often are you cooking with them? When used correctly, alcohol can bring out the flavor and aromas of your food. It can be used in marinades, though it does not tenderize, or sauces to enhance taste and smell.

When choosing an alcohol to cook with, it’s important that you select something you would drink. Avoid anything that says “cooking wine.” Make sure you also save your most expensive bottles for the table. Your best bottle’s nuances will be lost when cooking.

In general, darker alcohols tend to pair better with darker meats, and lighter alcohols pair better with white meats and seafood.

Below we have five delicious dishes that incorporate different alcohols into the recipe in one way or another. What’s your favorite way to incorporate your alcohol of choice?

  1. Maple Bacon Bourbon Salmon

So many good things in one dish. Tender, flaky salmon, sweet maple syrup, salty bacon, all with the kick of bourbon! This dish is easy to make and delivers a punch of flavor.


  1. Throwback Porterhouse Steaks

Your steak can be big and bold with humble ingredients. This recipe calls for a beautiful porterhouse steak and a relatively cheap beer, just an American lager. Together with a traditional barbeque sauce, these ingredients really sing.


  1. Jumbo Shrimp with Tequila Lime Cocktail Sauce

Spice things up with this take on a shrimp cocktail. This version, spiked with tequila, packs a tasty kick!


  1. Dark & Stormy Ribs

These ribs incorporate the main components of a Dark n’ Stormy cocktail: ginger beer and dark rum. This blend of alcohol and spices leaves a sweet and spicy taste that’s good to the last drop…of sauce.

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  1. New York Strip Steaks with Bourbon Steak Sauce

Just a perfect NY Strip steak on a hot grill, with the perfect steak sauce made with…bourbon?!? That’s right, a little bit of bourbon goes a long way in this recipe for steak sauce.


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