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Unpacking the Main Entrée Experience

July 25, 2017 | Main Entree


Hello all!

Since this is my first blog post with Main Entrée, I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Will Girimonte, I’m a senior at the University of Scranton from Long Island, NY and Main Entrée’s new marketing Intern. I chose to pursue the field of Marketing because of my interest in the advantages and benefits that social media can bring to business, especially a new and growing business like ours. When I started at Main Entrée last month my main focus was to expand our presence on social media and to connect and educate you, the customer.

The first project I undertook was creating a video experience for you that shows our procedure for packaging each Main Entrée box. To do so I took some of our delicious Baby Back Ribs, Sweet and Hot Sausage, Bell & Evans Chicken Breasts, and 8 oz Filet Style Sirloin Steaks and created a video to illustrate the attention to detail that goes into crafting each package. We like to say that our products are “hand cut and selected with integrity” and I wanted to show that same integrity does not stop at the butcher block, it continues to your doorstep. View that video below!

As the newest member of the Main Entrée team I wanted to understand what the experience of receiving an order is like. I must be honest, unboxing it as a customer was a very satisfying experience. It could have a thing or two to do with my adoration for sirloin steak and Sweet Italian Sausage, but that’s just a guess. As I first dug into the box, I opened the small packet on top containing the recipe cards, cooking instructions, and even a signed card from the butcher who cut my steaks for me! In most businesses, the level of personal connection is unfortunately dwindling down in the modern times of online shopping. That is something that we plan to combat here at Main Entrée. As I went further and removed the dry ice package and ice pack that came in the box, I was left with two smaller boxes containing my order. When I continued, I started to really see more and more signs of the commitment to the butcher shop integrity that we stress here at Main Entrée. As I opened the smaller boxes, the first thing I noticed was the brown paper wrapping and twine bow around the nicely laid out products. This attention to detail is something, as a customer, that I very much appreciated. My hope in creating these videos is to bring you the true experience of ordering with us, to show you the Main Entrée difference, and most importantly to show that anyone can cook a delicious and simple homemade meal with the exceptional products offered by Main Entrée. View my video of the unpacking experience below.

After these videos were complete I shifted my focus to my current project for the summer, our “Butcher Shop Basics” video series featuring our Meat Specialist, Bill Howell. The series features videos covering a wide variety of topics ranging from tips and tricks for grilling at home, to pros and cons of different cooking styles, all the way to the process of aging meat, and even in-depth breakdowns of a variety of products available to you on our website. We also added a few very important and informative videos specifically to address the easily overlooked system of USDA Grading. Here at Main Entrée, we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality of meats. The issue we run into is expressing to you just how exceptional they really are in a relatable and understandable way; thus the Butcher Shop Basics Series was born. On my quest to spread awareness and to educate you about the complexities of the industry, I thought back to even the most basic questions I had asked when I first started working with Main Entrée. With that demand for information out there, we feel that our Butcher Shop Basics series will give you the insight, tips, and even recipes so you too can be a home chef by ordering with Main Entrée! Stay tuned for the upcoming video series.

Hope You Enjoy!


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