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USDA Grading: What does it all mean?

July 25, 2017 | Main Entree


The main purpose of this video series is to educate you, the customer, on the ins and outs of the industry to make shopping with us easier and more enjoyable. In this video our Meat Specialist, Bill Howell, explains the USDA grading scale for us. To expand our knowledge of what exactly we are putting on our plates, Bill highlights the full grading scale, ranging from USDA Prime all the way down to USDA Standard. Here at Main Entrée, we focus heavily on the quality and integrity of our products, and therefore only supply our customers with USDA Upper 2/3rds Choice or USDA Prime cuts of meat.

More About USDA Grading: Understanding Advertised Grades

Ever wonder why some advertised products begin with USDA and some don’t? In this video, Bill tells us about USDA grading advertisements in the industry. His tips and tricks should help you navigate the waters to make an educated and well informed selection to get the right product for you!


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